Daru Maer Counseling

We’ll get to know each other during your first appointment. We’ll be partners as we work to achieve your goals. Discussing your concerns, needs, and goals, we’ll explore ways to cope with your issues and find resolution. I’m here to support you in the process of finding and maintaining a healthier and happier life. My goal is for you to feel safe, creating a healing space where you know you won’t be judged or hurt.

Confidentiality is a critical part of our relationship. Establishing trust between client and therapist is imperative. You’ll be given and we will discuss an “informed consent” outlining my office practices, fees, and policies. This will include a clear definition of what is ethically and legally allowed and not allowed to be shared with others once you are my client.

I don't do this alone. First, you and I have a partnership. Second, Ruby, my therapy dog, is there should you need a bit of love in the process. 

Ruby is a sweet and generous Labradoodle. She doesn't shed, and is hypo-allergenic. She provides unconditional love when needed, plus a sense of safety and humor. Ruby is very respectful and, if asked, she'll sit with you, ask for a scratch, a belly rub, or just curl up in the room and go unnoticed. Dog cookies are always welcome!

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